Investment Opportunities

20/20 GeneSystems is a US based private corporation located in Maryland.  Investment opportunities are currently available to accredited investors, family offices, private equity and venture capital firms.  20/20 GeneSystems is strongly focused on bringing its technology to Asian markets in 2016 and 2017.  We welcome inquiries from investment funds focusing on biotechnology and diagnostic products with an Asian market component.

Maryland Biotech Tax Credit

Important investor opportunity available for a very limited time.

The Maryland Biotechnology Investor Tax Credit is the most aggressive and effective Angel investor incentive in the U.S. Investors from any state and most foreign jurisdictions can receive a 50% refund from the State of Maryland and a 5-8% refund from our local county, Montgomery County, paid in less than one year after making an investment.

The window to take advantage of this program will open around August 1 and will be available for only 30 days.  Please contact us immediately if you wish to learn more about this unique investment incentive.
Prospective investors interested in learning more about the company and its products, including the risks of investing, should contact us please click here.
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