OneTEST - A New Multi Cancer Blood Test

Comprehensive health screening, something common in many countries outside of the U.S. has been something that is rarely accessible for most Americans.  By placing a high priority on early detection, most cancers can be survivable when detected early enough to be surgically removed.  Now, 20/20 is bringing a new blood test to the U.S. which can detect the possible presence of five or more cancer types using a standard blood specimen.

Our lab will launch OneTEST in 2018.  This test can identify cancer risk using tests known as tumor antigen markers enhances with our proprietary algorithms which incorporate your own individual risk factors to give the most accurate cancer risk profile.  While only limited cancer screening tests are available today under most medical insurance plans (such as breast, ovarian and colon),  other cancers do not have screening tests available to the general public.   OneTEST will be available at an affordable price to help those interested in managing their own health get a better picture of their own cancer risks.    OneTEST includes cancer marker tests associated with the following types of cancers:

  • Lung
  • Liver
  • Stomach/gastric
  • Pancreas
  • Colon
  • Cervical/Ovarian
  • Prostate

Changing How Cancer Is Diagnosed

It is unfortunate that we often hear about someone who goes to their doctor with what seems like an innocuous symptom only to be diagnosed with a advanced stage cancer.  Many cancers simply do not show any symptoms until they progress into the later stages of development.  However, early detection is key to treatment and long term survival.   OneTEST is being developed to help find cancers in the earliest stages of development, when treatment options and survival can be greatly improved.

Bringing Better Cancer Testing To The U.S.

People familiar with the Asian model for health screening know that comprehensive health screening includes many cancer screening tests.  OneTEST brings this approach to the U.S. with our multi-cancer blood test.  Using affordable blood tests and innovative A.I. powered risk algorithms, you can now know your cancer risk for many cancer types that are not currently screened for by a standard health physical exam at your doctors office.

A Better Cancer Test

To address the challenge of low sensitivity (missing some cancers) and reporting some false positives,  OneTEST incorporates new A.I. powered algorithms which look at both the cancer marker blood tests and your own personal risk factors to provide a significantly improved, more accurate result compared to using individual cancer marker tests alone.

Over 12 Years of Science Behind OneTEST

OneTEST was developed based on the results from screening 42,000 people over 12 years at a major hospital health screening program in Asia.  While the use of cancer tumor markers for screening healthy people is very common in many countries outside of the U.S., here these tests are limited to monitoring persons who have already been diagnosed and treated for cancer.  Many studies have shown that these cancer markers can be used to identify cancer risk, even in the earliest stages, but used alone, these tests often false positive results and can sometimes miss cancers when actually there.

Better Insights from Cancer Tests

OneTEST’s algorithms take each individual patient’s test results and combines them with other clinically relevant health information to create a simple picture of the patient’s risk for having any of several cancers.  Clinically relevant information used to provide a superior evidence based result may include family cancer history, risk factors such as age, smoking history, symptoms, and/or presence of benign lung diseases.