The Future of Cancer Detection is Here

OneTEST is a new multi cancer test which can help detect over 6 types of cancer, with up to 90% accuracy, using a standard blood test.

Invest in the Future

You can now take part in making a difference in the future of cancer testing.

Using 20/20 Hindsight:

Our innovative business model uses advanced analytics on large volumes of real world, clinically relevant patient health data collected from hospital centers where tumor biomarker testing has been used for many years.

Making Things Happen

We believe much of the innovation in cancer diagnostics for the coming decade will come from applying powerful data analytics to proven cancer biomarkers.

Artificial Intelligence

20/20 is using the power of realworld data and powerful A.I. driven algorithms to drive development of new tests for early detection of cancers that are affordable and accessible to hospitals all over the world.

PAULA’s Test:

20/20 GeneSystems developed PAULA’s Test, a blood test for early detection of lung cancer.

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