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20/20 GeneSystems pioneers innovative bio-testing and cancer diagnostic tools that address compelling unmet needs. 20/20’s digital diagnostics business develops and commercializes A.I. powered cancer screenings tests deliver better tools to improve early detection of the most common cancers globally.

Our emergency bio-detection business includes our patented BioCheck which is widely used by emergency responders. We are now offering two testing products to detect antibodies to the virus that causes Covid-19, called  CoronaCheck.

We are believed to be the first company to launch a multi-cancer screening test powered by machine learning and large amounts of real-world data.

Our Mission​

20/20 GeneSystems is a digital diagnostics company with the core mission of reducing cancer mortality in the U.S. and around the world through early detection. We believe in developing cutting edge solutions through combining innovation with well researched established procedures.

20/20 GeneSystems

About us

20/20 GeneSystems a U.S. based digital diagnostics company that harnesses the power of A.I. and big data analytics to reduce cancer mortality around the world through early detection. We have created innovative tests built around our proprietary algorithms to detect more than 6 common cancers. In the US, we also operate our own CLIA certified laboratory, catering to the needs of US consumers in our home market. We currently operate globally through partners, in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

20/20 also has a proud history spanning almost 20 years of assisting first responders through innovative cancer screening as well as other biotech products.

Investors welcome!

20/20 GeneSystems is a US based private corporation located in Maryland.  Investment opportunities are currently available and as a Reg A+ company, anyone can become a shareholder in our company as well and we have raised more than $5m in equity crowd funding, making us one of the most successful crowd-funding life science companies in history. Additional opportunities are available for traditional accredited investors, family offices, private equity and venture capital firms. While our operations are global today our biggest markets are the United States and Asia.

Our Products

OneTestTM is a multi-cancer screening test that harnesses the power of AI with a broad panel of tumor markers and personal clinical factors to help identify risk of more than 6 common types of cancer. OneTest is available in the US through our CLIA lab or internationally as a SAAS solution for health screening clinics.

PAULA’s TestTM is for  patients at high risk of lung cancer due to long term smoking. PAULA’s Test uses AI and clinical factors to generate a lung cancer risk score that can help identify lung cancer risk in patients  with the goal of early detection.

BioCheck® Suspicious Powder Screening Kit provides a cost effective, reliable, screening tool to quickly and easily determine whether a powder contains biological material in order to rule out many common substances that cause powder incidents, e.g. talcum powder, dry wall dust, powdered sugar, etc.

CoronaCheckTM tests  are a suite of COVID-19 detection tests distributed or offered by 20/20 including both lab-based and rapid tests for antibodies, antigens, and PCR.

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