About 20/20 GeneSystems

20/20 GeneSystems (“20/20”) is focused on on reducing cancer deaths worldwide through its years of experience in the development and use of cancer biomarker test development.  By leveraging this expertise and combining it with advanced machine learning and data analytics, new tests are being released which substantially improve the accuracy of biomarker blood tests for the early detection of cancers.   This unique approach, being pioneered by 20/20,  results in affordable, highly accurate cancer blood tests.


Early Detection of Lung Cancer:   PAULA’s Test is 20/20’s own  blood test for the early detection of lung cancer.   In 2017, we introduced the first blood test for the early detection of lung cancer that incorporates a machine learning algorithm.  The test is for persons at high risk of lung cancer due to long term smoking exposure and can be used to help identify those at elevated risk and who would benefit from additional screening tests such as CT scans.  PAULA’s Test can be a tool to aid in detection of disease in the early stages even before symptoms appear.




Multi-Cancer Blood Test:  OneTEST is 20/20’s multi-cancer test to screen for multiple cancer types from one blood sample.  Importantly 20/20’s algorithms and analytics substantially improve the accuracy of panels of cancer tumor marker tests currently used by physicians worldwide — without requiring new equipment or change in current practice.



Diagnostics for Biological Threat Detection: 20/20 developed BioCheck, an industry standard field screening test for testing of unknown suspicious powders by emergency responders and security personnel.   BioCheck has become widely used by emergency responders when a potential threat is encountered and can help quickly rule out a harmless powder from a substance requiring further investigation.  BioCheck is part of the WMD hazmat training curriculum at all major Federally funded training institutions in the U.S.